2015 New Owners

Harold and Eilene Best

5760 Sunflower Rd.

Ted and Lu Burbank

650 Lily of the Valley Dr.

Nancy Cook

6101 Peony Rd.

Walt and Marge Davis

620 Water Lily Dr.

Jim and Shannon Hafling

6271 Daffodil Rd.

Raymond and Carla Hoffman

5740 Forsythia Rd.

Linda and Chester Hoynoski

580 Lily of the Valley Dr.

Sharon Jasso

5641 Hyacinth Rd.

Walter and Ginny Mac Rae

701 Chrysanthemum Dr.

Jim Marsden

610 Lotus Blossom Dr.

Kass McGinley and Billy Eames

650 Gloriosa Dr.

Kris Michelsen

541 Water Lily Dr.

Larry and Joyce Moody

5720 Forsythia Rd.

Shirley O’Donnell

701 Dahlia Dr.

Kim and Nancy Schoeppach

700 Water Lily Dr.

Norbert and Diane Soucy

531 Oriental Poppy Dr.

Greg and Linda Stone

740 Gloriosa Dr.

Chuck and Judy Stoops

5741 Begonia Rd.

Vikki Tedesco

5660 Forsythia Rd.

Robert and Juliana Vargovcik

5600 Sunflower Rd.

Dale Wheaton

631 Delphinium Dr.

Paula Yergeau and Stan Dumkuski

5650 Hyacinth Rd.

Updated 4-7-16/lah