About Us

Japanese Gardens was formed in 1981 as one of the first cooperative mobile home associations under Florida law and purchased by the residents. The corporation’s initial purpose was to create an association to insure the welfare, safety, communication and enjoyment of and among the residents of Japanese Gardens. As a cooperative, the 414 owners work to assure that both the individual properties and common property are maintained, as well as being committed to the social well being of all owners.

To accomplish this goal, the Association hired a full time management company who reports to the president of the board. This company has hired a part-time FL Licensed Community Association Manager, an Administrative Assistant, a Janitor, and a Maintenance Person for the park. These four individuals conduct park maintenance of all common grounds and utilities, and all administrative activities. Japanese Gardens Realty Corporation includes a real estate broker and sales agent for the sale and rental of properties within the park; see the Contact Us page for details.

In conjunction with the formation of the association, office position of a president, vice-president, treasurer, and secretary were established along with a board of directors. Park owners are elected to the nine positions on the board; each term of office is three years. The terms are staggered to ensure a maximum level of experience and continuity. Officers are appointed by the board of directors. Regular board meetings are held every month during the ‘season’ (November through April). An annual meeting of all association members is held once a year in March.

All owners are assessed a fee which can be paid yearly or monthly (automatic bill pay available). This fee covers maintenance of common areas, use of the heated pool and all facilities in the park, basic cable TV (currently Comcast), water, and waste water treatment. The board of directors has worked diligently to keep this fee low for the convenience of owners and is one of the lowest in the area in consideration of the included services.

As a resident of Japanese Gardens, the choices of activities, clubs and events are endless! In addition to the multitude of sporting events, social clubs and events, and craft activities–there are organized bus trips and charitable activities to help the surrounding community. For example, two different clubs in the park collect the pop tops from the aluminum cans to help dialysis patients.
We welcome you to join our community and discover affordable, simple and delightful Florida lifestyle the Japanese Gardens way!


posted 11-3-15