OLD Hurricane Ian Updates

Hurricane Ian
  • The Power Point presentation from the Town Hall meeting is available under Park Business, Board of Directors Minutes and Report. You can CLICK HERE to be redirected to the page. You must be a registered member of the website in order to access that information. 
  • Sarasota County Building and Permitting department will be here on Tuesday for a town hall style meeting to answer your questions. They will be in the clubhouse at 11am on Tuesday. 
Japanese Gardens has contracted with SDS Designs to help with storm debris removal. CLICK HERE to view a flyer that outlines the process. If you have any questions, please call the office. 941-493-0033.
  • The Salvation Army will be here tonight for dinner They will be here tomorrow for lunch as well. In addition, the Sausage Express will also be in the park tomorrow for lunch.
  • The Red Cross dropped of clean up supplies for any resident in need. They are available in the clubhouse. Please take one of each item.
  • The Board of directors has hired a company to bring in dumpsters. They will be clearly labeled. Please only put the appropriate items into each dumpster. One will be for aluminum only. We have contracted with a vendor to pick up aluminum and get it into the dumpsters.
Thank you for your support as have worked through our first couple of weeks after Hurricane Ian.
  • Great News! The sewer plant is now operating at full capacity. You can flush toilets and use water as you normally would, but please remember our boil water notice is still in affect.
  • Monday was not holiday for Waste Management. Normal trash collection will continue tomorrow as it normally would.
  • ​​​​Everyone in Japanese Gardens is under a boil water notice for two days, effective immediately.
  • If you were without water from the recent water leaks, please run an outdoor spigot to allow dirt and debris to run outside and to avoid clogging up your inside lines.
  • Please continue to use water sparingly. Although the sewer plant is back on FPL power, not all of our grinder pumps have been replaced yet. Our sewer plant operator has been working daily to get us back up and running at full capacity.
  • Please continue to use water sparingly. Minimal flushing,quick showers, etc. DO not use washing machines, dishwashers, or any excess water. The sewer plant is not fully operational yet. It is still running on generator power. The power pole that supplies power to our plant is broken off completely. It is difficult for FPL to make repairs due to the location, but they are there today working on it.  Also, we have 4 pumps total for the lift stations. We lost 3 in the storm. Our sewer plant operator is working to get the three damaged pumps replaced.
  • The Board of Directors would like everyone to know that they will be in the clubhouse every day from 10am-1pm. If you need help, please come talk to them.  Also, if you are able to help someone else or if you have worked with a vendor that you really liked, please let them know that as well.  They are working to create a network so that help and information can be easily shared.
  • The Salvation Army will be back in the park for dinner! 
  • Great news!! The sewer plant is back operating on FPL power! We are still waiting for our sewer plant operator to replace the damaged grinder pumps, so please continue to use water sparingly.
  • Board members will be in the clubhouse daily from 10am - 1pm. Please come by if you have questions.
  • The Salvation Army is planning on coming to the park for dinner. They will come as long as there is a need.
  • The library roof suffered damage during the storm and we are placing caution tape around the perimeter for safety. We are worried about loose tiles falling. If you enter the library building it is at your own risk.
  • The pool is not open at this time. It will not be open until the pool/spa equipment has been inspected and repaired.
  • Shuffleboard, Pickleball, and Bocce are closed at this time due to damage.
  • Be aware of unlicensed contractors and people out to scam you. Only hire licensed contractors with proof of insurance. You can verify a license online. We are happy to help in the office. It is normally best to hire local contractors rather than those that come from out of state.
  • Englewood water has lifted the boil water notice. 
  • The office just got the phone system back up and running today. We are sorry if we missed your call. We are not able to access voicemails. If you left an important message and have not received a call back yet, please call again.
  • We will be turning the water back on. Please use water sparingly for essential purposes only. Short showers, minimal flushing, etc. Do not use dishwashers, washing machines, etc. Please do not use garbage disposal or pour grease down your kitchen drain. Water only. The generator is not working properly and power has not been restored back to the sewer plant. Until things are back up and running properly, please use water sparingly.
  • Port a pottys have arrived.
  • The sewer plant has damage to two surge tanks. The sewer plant operator is working on a solution. Lift stations are full. Please do not flush toilets until further notice.
  • Salvation Army will be here with hot meals for lunch and dinner. 
  • Coastlife Church is distributing supplies, food, water, and tarps every day from 8-10am and 4-6pm
  • Please boil water until further notice.
  • Each homeowner is responsible for the debris pick up in their own yard. J&R Services can help with debris cleanup at individual homes. Text him at 941-716-1906. 
  • Please do not flush toilets. 
  • The Salvation Army came to deliver hot meals for dinner.
  • The sewer plant has damage to two surge tanks. The sewer plant operator is working on a solution. Lift stations are full. Please do not flush toilets until further notice.
10/4/2022 6pm
  • Trash pick up will resume as normal this week. Please keep your regular household trash separate from your stork debris. Recycling is on hold. Please separate storm debris. If you would like a print out with the categories for debris separation, please come to the office.
  • I talked to Englewood Water. They cannot give me a timeframe for water restoration. They had significant damage. 
  • I have called the port a potty company every day since I placed the order last week. They told me they have our order ready and they are making deliveries every day. They have labor and supply shortages, but supposedly our order is ready. 
  • The ditch behind Oriental Poppy has been reported to the county. They said they are responding to calls based on priority and urgency. They are overwhelmed with work orders, but we are on their list. We have been trying to keep the drain clear, which seems to be helping.
  • The sewer plant has damage to two surge tanks. The sewer plant operator is working on a solution. Lift stations are full. Please do not flush toilets until further notice.
  • The sewer plant has damage to two surge tanks. The sewer plant operator is working on a solution. Lift stations are full. Please do not flush toilets until further notice.
  • The office cannot contact FEMA on behalf of home owners. Each homeowner must do that individually.
  • Each homeowner is responsible for the debris on their own lot. John Mussone from J&R services can help with your cleanup. Text him at         941-716-1906
  • The office will be open Monday - Friday 9am to 3pm.
  • I am aware that there is water rising in the back of the park. JD is aware and I believe Steve is currently in the park checking it out. I do not have an update on that situation yet, but I will let everyone know when I do.
10/1/2022 6:40pm:
  • I75 between Jacaranda and Toledo Blade is now open. 
10/1/2022 3:31 am:
  • I75 from the Jacaranda exit through Toledo Blade is closed due to flooding. 41 in Charlotte county between Kings Highway and Marion is closed. These closures could result in large traffic delays in our area. 
  • From Sarasota County Emergency Services: A possible levee break in area of Myakka Valley/Hidden River with the potential of 15 feet of flood water.  Residents are urged to shelter in place if it is safe to do so as exit routes and roadways may be impassable. NOTE: I am not sure where this area is located. JG is not considered part of Hidden River or Myakka Valley, but it could impact traffic, road closures, etc.  
  • There is a new location for food, water, ice, and tarp distribution. Well field Park 1251 Pinebrook Rd, Venice
9/30/2022 4:30pm
  • We want to make all Northern residents aware of the conditions in JG and the Venice area before you make a decision to come back. There is currently no electricity, no water, very limited cell phone coverage (if any), no sewer. It is very hard to find gas, food, and water. 
  • Please be aware if unlicensed contractors coming to the park. After a storm like this, it is common for scams to happen. Always ask for license and insurance. You can verify the license at www.myfloridalicense.com.
  • Here are some phone numbers for damage restoration:  FP Property Restoration 941-412-6020, Wrightway Emergency Services 941-379-8669, DAMEX 800-226-4060.  
  • Locations where you can get food, water, ice, and tarps:  Hyundai of Venice: 200 Jacaranda Blvd, Venice; Englewood Center Plaza, 200 S Indiana Avenue, Englewood; Twin Lakes Park 6700 Clark Road, Sarasota; San Pedro Catholic Church, 14380 Tamiami Trail, North Port, FL. Please bring ID to verify address.  The sites will be open Saturday October 1, Sunday October 2, and Monday October 3 from 8am to 7pm. 
9/27/2022 7:17am:
  • I want to reiterate that you should be looking to local and state officials for information regarding Hurricane Ian. We understand that the community looks to the office staff for information, but we can only repeat information from the experts. The quickest way to get up to date info is from the state and local officials.
  • The most recent track from the National Hurricane Center is showing landfall of a major hurricane just north of Venice. This is not a good scenario for our area and has the possibility of bringing catastrophic damage.
  • We expect that Sarasota County will issue an evacuation order for zone A sometime this morning. Please pay attention to local news for information regarding evacuations. If ANY zone is evacuated, this included Japanese Gardens. Taylor Ranch elementary school is a shelter, however it is the only shelter in Venice. You should know where additional shelters are located. North Port has several. Info regarding shelters and evacuations can be found on the Sarasota County Emergency Management Website 
  • The National Hurricane Center website is a great resource.
  • We will do our best to keep the JG website updated, but as staff returns home to be with their own families, that may not be possible. Make yourself familiar with the news and government websites.
9/26/2022 10:30am:  
  • Please pay attention to local and state officials regarding the potential path and impact from Hurricane Ian. If Sarasota County issues an evacuation order for any zone in the county, mobile home communities are included.
  • The office will be closed Tuesday- Friday. Our plan is to reopen on Monday. We will keep the community informed of the office schedule if anything changes.
  • The community cannot accommodate everyone's trash. Please do not bring it up to the front of the park or put it in or around the dumpster.
  • Please bring in any items that could become a projectile.
  • Bingo for this week has been canceled.