• How many units are in the park?
  • Is this a resident owned park?
    Yes, it is a Cooperative Association.  Each resident has 1/414th share in the Corporation.
  • How much is a share/membership certificate?
    Shares were purchased for $12,000.00 each, many years ago.  The share is now included in the price of the unit and the exclusive use of the lot that is connected to that share.
  • What are my voting rights?
    The owner of each Membership Certificate shall be entitled to one vote.  If an owner owns more than one Membership Certificate (owns more than one unit), he shall be entitled to one vote for each certifivate.  Each Membership Certificate's vote shall not be devisable.
  • Is this an adult park?
    Yes.  One occupant must be 55 or older, the other 45 or older.
  • Does the park maintain my lawn?
    That is the owner's responsibility.  There are lawn services that do work in the park.
  • Do you have any rules and regulations?
    Yes.  For example: only two adults to a home and guests stay is limited to thirty days per year; pets are allowed in the pet sections only; pickup trucksare allowed with restrictions.  Copies of Rules and Regulations are available in the office.
  • May I rent my unit?
    There is a one month minimum to siz month maximum in an twelve month period.  No subletting.  See Prospectus and Rules and Regulations.
  • What about garbage and recycling?
    Paid when you pay the County property taxes.  Friday is recycling, yard waste, and regular garbage day.
  • What about property taxes?
    They are paid to Sarasota County.  Check with County Tax Appraiser for estimated and homestead requirements.  Filing for Homestead Exemptions lowers your taxes.
  • How much are the maintenance fees?
    Maintenance fees are subject to lot size.  The majority of lots (313) are single lots and pay $178/month.  Water, sewer, and cable TV are included in these fees.
  • Are there any pending lawsuits or assessments against the Association for $100,000 or more?
  • Do I have to be a member in any other Association?
  • Am I required to pay rent or land use fees for recreational or other commonly used facilities?