Pool is OPEN!
September 16, 2020
The pool is now open!
Water Shut Off
September 11, 2020
Due to an unexpected water leak, the park’s water will need to be shut off this evening around 4pm. The repair should not take more than an hour.
Trash Collection - Saturday
September 10, 2020
Because of Labor Day, trash collection will be delayed one day this week. They will come Saturday morning.
By Kelly Rockafellow on August 26, 2020

Starting late summer for November 2020 edition

Skills needed
Familiarity/ease communicating by email, using a computer.
Familiarity/ease sending and receiving attachments in email. This is how files are exchanged with the printer.
Ability to work with the comments functions in a PDF to review and indicate corrections to the proof.
Ability to fix grammar/punctuation/spelling in contributor submissions.
Ability to organize the information
Ability to use a basic word processing program that will save to a doc or docx format.

Call/e-mail Wayne Neff, to volunteer your services. It may be possible to work this as a team or group.

You do not have to be in JG to do this as all is done by e-mail and phone.
Hurricane Information
By Kelly Rockafellow on August 21, 2020
8/21/2020 8:45am

There is currently a Tropical Depression that could turn into a Tropical Storm or Hurricane that may impact our area. Now is the time to prepare yourself and your home. You should have food and water, your medication, and some cash on hand. Please bring in any items that could become a projectile.

Make sure you know where the evacuation centers are located and how to access transportation, if needed. Information from Sarasota County is available under the tab titled Community Information. We also have copies of this information available in the front office.

Do not wait until the last minute to start planning. If Sarasota County evacuates ANY zone, Mobile Homes Communities are included.
Homes for Sale
2 BR | 2 BA | 1,224 sqft
2 BR | 2 BA | 1,199 sqft
2 BR | 1,322 sqft
2 BR | 2 BA | 919 sqft | Unite Acres
$2,600 per month
2 BR | 2 BA | 0 sqft | Unite Acres
2 BR | 1.5 BA | 948 sqft
2 BR | 2 BA | 1,056 sqft
$2,600 per month
2 BR | 2 BA | 0 sqft | Unite Acres
$2,600 per month
2 BR | 2 BA | 0 sqft | Unite Acres
$2,400 per month
2 BR | 2 BA | 0 sqft | Unite Acres
$2,600 per month
2 BR | 2 BA | 0 sqft | Unite Acres
$2,700 per month
3 BR | 2 BA | 0 sqft | Unite Acres
$2,400 per month
2 BR | 2 BA | 0 sqft | Unite Acres
2 BR | 1.5 BA | 684 sqft

Our Community

Japanese Gardens Home Owners Corporation was formed in 1981 as one of the first cooperative mobile home associations under Florida law and purchased by the residents. As a cooperative, the 414 shareholder-owners assure that all areas of the park - the individual homes and the common property - are well maintained; we also are committed to the social well being of all owners. Owners are assessed a fee that covers maintenance of common areas, use of the heated pool and spa, and all facilities in the park, basic cable TV (currently Comcast), water, and waste water treatment. The board of directors works diligently to keep this fee low for the convenience of owners and is one of the lowest in the area in consideration of the included services. Owners and Renters have many activities, clubs, and events to meet the needs and abilities of virtually everyone. Many of these are year-round for the enjoyment of Japanese Gardens residents. We welcome you to discover our affordable and delightful Florida lifestyle the Japanese Gardens way!