March 27, 2020

Because of recommendations from the Governor of Florida to encourage non-essential workers to work from home, the Japanese Gardens office will be closed Monday March 30, 2020 through Wednesday April 15, 2020. At that time the Board of Directors will make a decision on how to proceed. The following is a plan for staff and management to continue serving Japanese Gardens Board of Directors and shareholders from home.

During the office closure, we will be doing as much work from home as possible. Both JD and Kelly are set up to have remote access to their office computers from home. Email can be checked on a constant basis. The telephones will be forwarded to cellphones and will be answered as they come in during regular office hours.

Kelly will continue to do Real Estate work as needed with safety precautions. She will come to the office twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday to process any paperwork that is left by residents. During this time, residents can drop off paperwork in the white box that is located outside the front office. It will be processed twice a week and Kelly will notify the resident once their paperwork is complete. The office will not be open to residents during this time.

Between Kelly and JD, we will make sure all mail is collected and distributed, bills are paid, and paperwork is processed. JD will continue to transport checks and paperwork to Star Hospitality Management and Ed Wotitzky’s office as needed.

As always, JD will be in constant contact with the Board of Directors via email and telephone.

Stephen will log in from home to maintain the office filing system and to continue his work with the ARC committee, the calendar, website, and other items.

With this plan, we feel that we can maintain the majority of the office functions with as little inconvenience to the shareholders as possible. Our hope is that things go back to normal as quickly as possible and we can use the remainder of the off season to catch up.

Because Steve’s maintenance position is mainly composed of outside work, he will continue his daily schedule. We may use this time for him to catch up on some projects that have been put to the back burner.

While we realize this will be an inconvenience, this is a serious emergency not only in the State of Florida, but across the US and the World. Thank you to the shareholders for working with us to get through this unprecedented and difficult time.
Proxy Vote Results
By Kelly Rockafellow on March 27, 2020
The results from the 2020 Annual Meeting Proxy vote is posted on this website under Park Business, Board of Directors Minutes and Reports.
Annual Meeting
March 26, 2020
This is a reminder that the Annual Shareholder meeting for Japanese Gardens is tomorrow, March 27th at 1:30pm. Due to Covid-19 and the suggestions from the government agencies and the park’s attorney Ed Wotitzky , the Board of Directors is encouraging everyone to view the annual meeting from their homes on channel 195. You can submit a question or statement to the office prior to the meeting. A telephone line will be available for residents to call in during the meeting. Please call 941-493-0033. Please note, we can only accommodate two callers at a time. DO NOT LEAVE A MESSAGE. Please continue to call back until your call is answered.

Per attorney Ed Wotitzky, the Board of Directors needs to limit the gathering to a maximum of ten shareholders based on recommendations from the department of health. We do have a quorum of Proxys. Therefore, the annual meeting can proceed with limitations. Should more than 10 people arrive at the clubhouse doors and demand entry, attorney Ed Wotitzky will advise the Board to postpone the annual meeting. Remember, if the meeting is postponed, the entire process will have to start from the beginning at an additional cost to the shareholders of about $1500. We appreciate your cooperation.
By Kelly Rockafellow on March 19, 2020
We have several important updates regarding COVID-19.

1. The Board of Directors is strongly suggesting that residents watch the annual meeting from their homes on channel 195. The CDC is recommending that we avoid gatherings with more than 10 people.

2. All clubhouse activities have been cancelled at this time. The pool and library will remain up.

3. Beginning Monday March 23, the office will be open by appointment only. Please call 941-493-0033 or email to schedule an appointment or to ask a question.

Thank you for working with us to help keep Japanese Gardens residents and staff healthy and safe.
Agenda and Board Packet
February 18, 2020
The agenda and packet for today's Board of Director's meeting is now available to view. Please look under Park Business and click on Board of Directors Minutes and Reports.

The Board meeting will start at 1:30pm and will be aired live on channel 195.
Homes for Sale
2 BR | 2 BA | 1,104 sqft
2 BR | 2 BA | 1,152 sqft
2 BR | 2 BA | 1,224 sqft
2 BR | 2 BA | 1,199 sqft
2 BR | 2 BA | 1,103 sqft
2 BR | 1,322 sqft
2 BR | 2 BA | 799 sqft
2 BR | 2 BA | 1,151 sqft
2 BR | 1.5 BA | 684 sqft
2 BR | 1.5 BA | 871 sqft
2 BR | 2 BA | 1,180 sqft
2 BR | 2 BA | 1,152 sqft
2 BR | 1.5 BA | 948 sqft
2 BR | 2 BA | 1,212 sqft
2 BR | 2 BA | 872 sqft

Our Community

Japanese Gardens Home Owners Corporation was formed in 1981 as one of the first cooperative mobile home associations under Florida law and purchased by the residents. As a cooperative, the 414 shareholder-owners assure that all areas of the park - the individual homes and the common property - are well maintained; we also are committed to the social well being of all owners. Owners are assessed a fee that covers maintenance of common areas, use of the heated pool and spa, and all facilities in the park, basic cable TV (currently Comcast), water, and waste water treatment. The board of directors works diligently to keep this fee low for the convenience of owners and is one of the lowest in the area in consideration of the included services. Owners and Renters have many activities, clubs, and events to meet the needs and abilities of virtually everyone. Many of these are year-round for the enjoyment of Japanese Gardens residents. We welcome you to discover our affordable and delightful Florida lifestyle the Japanese Gardens way!